Quick writes (short writing tasks) are a great way to support reluctant or underachieving students to feel successful as writers and offer all students a variety in their writing programme. Refer to Chapter 5 of The Writing Book.

Humpback whale – Blank

Purpose: activate prior knowledge and work collaboratively to generate specific vocabulary. Use this template, model labelling a detail in the image using appropriate vocabulary (see page 114 of The Writing Book).

Students can work in pairs or in groups to label the blank template.

Humpback whale – Labelled example

Purpose: to review and improve vocabulary

Students can use the labelled example to review their labelled diagram and edit and add new information. 

The Label it  - Quick write activity template

Focus: Students can use this template to publish their work.


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Focus: using a TED-Ed clip to support students to generate ideas for writing, using a range of text types

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