End of Year Resource Pack (School Licence)

$ 60.00 NZD incl GST


This package contains 44 pages of engaging ideas for writing, card, book and decoration making, and kindness activities for the end of the year. There are 12 new photocopy masters, two slide presentation lessons and links for Christmas books, songs and videos. Also included are lists of ideas for the end of the year from Sheena and Louise’s books.

These electronic files are for personal or classroom use only. By downloading them, I agree that I will not copy or reproduce any of the material except for my own personal, non-commercial use.

You may not:

  • sell or in any way profit from these files
  • email these files to anyone or transmit them in any other fashion
  • alter these electronic files
  • claim these files as your own
  • store or distribute these files on any website where others are able to electronically retrieve them. For example, Dropbox, Facebook, or slide-sharing sites.

NB: These files may be added to a school network and used by all teachers if the school purchases a school licence.

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