The Oral Language Book

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The Oral Language Book outlines strategies and ideas which will support teachers to include more quality ‘learning talk’ in their programmes and embed purposeful oral language opportunities across the curriculum.

With over 200 pages, The Oral Language Book contains research-based ideas and activities with a wide range of photocopiable and downloadable material that can be used to support busy classroom teachers.


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Book reviews

The Oral Language Book is an integral and valuable resource in our school. Teachers are using it to support planning for our many bilingual speakers. The book is being used alongside other PLD to give teachers the skills to provide opportunities for students to discuss their thinking and learning in mathematics. Finally, we are also using the book to support teachers to provide students with a voice to develop student agency in their learning, which is vital for our learners, many of whom are new to New Zealand.

Mike O’Reilly, Principal, Mt Roskill Primary School, Auckland, New Zealand


The Oral Language Book is the perfect tool for us, as it is relevant for our children, is easy to use, and has a variety of rich and engaging activities, which can be used directly or adapted for use in every class and with each and every age group across our school. The activities in the book allow for a wide range of varied experiences for our children.

Fiona McAree-Ngaau, Deputy Principal, Bairds Mainfreight Primary School, Auckland, New Zealand


About the book

This practical book outlines strategies and ideas that will support teachers to include more quality ‘learning talk’ in classrooms and to embed purposeful oral language opportunities across the curriculum. It contains a summary of the latest research and presents ideas, activities and support material to translate this into classroom practice.

The Oral Language Book is a pick-up-and-use resource that includes a wide range of photocopiable and downloadable material, which can be used to support classroom teachers at primary and middle school levels.

Chapter 1: Introduction — guiding principles and practices

Read Chapter 1 for an outline of the guiding principles and practices of oral language. This chapter includes an overview of speaking and listening, the traits of effective teachers of oral language and the teaching approaches that develop speaking and listening. In addition, there is information on dialogic teaching and supporting English language learners.

Chapter 2: The speaking and listening classroom

Read Chapter 2 for ideas for establishing routines and expectations for student talk, including different approaches and ideas for grouping students. A range of practical resources such as student role cards, talking strips and sentence starter cards are introduced.

Chapter 3: Planning for vocabulary teaching

Chapter 3 includes a breakdown of the components of a balanced vocabulary programme. This chapter outlines research-based information about which words to teach and how they might be taught. It also includes a range of vocabulary activities that build word-consciousness and teach word-learning strategies and links to online resources.

Chapter 4: Using drama to enhance oral language

Read Chapter 4 for information about the benefits of using drama to enhance oral language. This chapter includes practical, achievable drama activities that can be incorporated across the curriculum.

Chapter 5: Developing listening skills

Chapter 5 includes information on the different types of listening and includes suggestions for activities that focus on improving listening skills.

Chapter 6: Oral presentations

Read Chapter 6 for clear guidelines for planning oral presentations for a variety of purposes. Practical ideas are included such as oral presentation criteria, feedback templates, and ideas for class meetings.


All photocopy masters are included in black and white at the back of the book (refer page 139). Colour versions of some resources will be available to download once the book has been released.


Many activities in the book are suitable to use as homework activities. These have been indicated with the Home-talk icon.


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