Students think of a memory and write about it in a poem.

The memory could be about:

  • a special event
  • a happy family time
  • the year or term at school
  • fun memories with a special person
  • or just a collection of memories about a particular theme.


The poem starts with:
In my memory box I will put …
The poems will be more interesting if students add detail to each of their memories.
For example: In my memory box I will put the sound of soft waves creeping up the beach, covering my toes with fizzing cool water.
If the students want to write a few stanzas, each one can start with In my memory box I will put followed by two or three memories.


You could share the beautiful story by Mem Fox: Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge.

Here is a link to a reading of the book on You Tube:


Here is a link to an animation created by a class of The Magic Box by Kit Wright:


Follow this link to listen to a student sharing his rainforest poem:


Poems can be written on paper and stored inside a small box.

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