Raccoons in the dumpster - lesson plan

Focus: to describe an event from the perspective of a character

The video talk strips (for juniors and seniors)

The video talk strips include a series of icons that will help students to discuss a short video-based event from a character's perspective.  Like all new tools, these talking strips need to be introduced to the students and modelled by the teacher. Refer to the Oral Language Book (pages 119 - 120) and PM 38-47) for more information about a range of other talking strips.


Images by Lolame and Sascha Barth from Pixabay.

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Includes: two versions of the conversation prompt chart presented in The Oral Language Book and The Reading Book

Focus: to support whole-class, group or partner discussions

A fluency phone, also referred to as a whisper phone or phonics phone, is a self-amplifying device.

Focus: using a fluency phone to support students during writing self-checks

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