You can use an image from the attached Bored Panda collection to inspire your students to try using different types of opening sentences. During the lesson warm-up, students could discuss the image then practise using two sentence types from The Sentence Starter Menu (CD9 The Writing Book).

In 2017, Louise used the second image (La Paz, Bolivia, Marcello, 18-Year-Old High School Student) to motivate students from the 'Write Club' at Mt Roskill Intermediate in Auckland to have a go at different sentence openers. Here are Renee's sentences:

Sentence type 1 - Short, attention-grabbing sentences
He grinned.

Sentence type 2 - The ‘-ing’ starter
Sighing loudly, he glanced around at his hoard of clutter he spent years collecting.
Brimming with happiness, he gazed around his room.


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