Here's a poetry idea that Sheena adapted from Grammar for Writing (DfES UK).
Using the idea of 'Somewhere today', students could observe and take notes in different contexts. Here is an example of a poem that includes four examples of observations from around a school.

Somewhere in our school today

A class of glue-covered artists is creating amazing papier-mâché animals.

Twenty-two happy Year 2s are floating precariously, pretending to be bubbles.

An exciting game of handball is cut short by the piercing sound of the playtime bell.

A proud author listens proudly as his work is read aloud by the teacher.


Students could record notes on the Writing notebook in The Writing Book (page 239).

These ideas could be used after a school trip: 

  • Somewhere in the zoo today …
  • Somewhere in the park ...


Image by Charyl Patrice Lee  and Conger Design (Pixabay).

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