Workshop - Planning and teaching guided reading (Juniors)

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Workshop - Planning and teaching guided reading - Juniors
(100 minutes on demand)

Staff meeting workshop - 2 week licence

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In this on-demand 2-hour video workshop, Louise will explore the planning and teaching of guided reading in the Junior School (approximately Y0-3), This workshop is intended as a follow-up session to: An introduction to guided reading.


This workshop will cover:

  •  Reviewing the guiding principles and practices
  •  Planning guided reading
  •  Teaching a lesson
  •  Warm-up and follow-up activities



This workshop purchase is for a group licence for one school/site. To access the workshop and handouts, log in via our website The workshop is available to watch for two weeks from the date of purchase and can be viewed multiple times, with the ability to rewind and fast forward. Viewing of the workshop is only available on our website. 



This licence is valid for one individual school site and may be viewed multiple times in the two-week period.
Please contact for information if you intend screening it to a wider audience.

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