Bored Panda has a beautiful selection of images depicting how children from around the world engage in everyday activities like sleeping, playing and going to school. These images can be used to stimulate great discussion and motivation for writing. Here are some ideas of how you could use the attached images.

Where children sleep around the world

Students could:

  • write a character description for one of the children
  • describe one of the children's bedrooms
  • describe their own bedroom
  • make comparisons between one of the children's bedrooms and their own bedroom.

Children playing around the world

These images could be used to generate:

  • story starters
  • A moment in time (page 100, The Writing Book)
  • words for happiness
  • first-person recounts
  • comparisons between the children playing in one of the images and their own experiences of playing.

The most dangerous journeys to school

There is so much to talk about and write about in these images. Students could:

  • describe one of the journeys to school
  • invent a new dangerous journey to add to the image series.


Images by Pixabay.


 For more engaging writing ideas, see our on demand workshop Generating ideas for writing.

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