During the 2015 AAEA/ALEA national conference in Canberra, Kath Murdoch talked about teachers nurturing students’ natural curiosity. She shared a model for developing curiosity and effective questioning:

  • See – what do you notice?
  • Think – what do you think is happening?
  • Wonder – what does it make you wonder?

You could use this model for Describe it (page 106 of The Writing Book).

Student example 1

Nola Sutherland from Mt Roskill Primary in  Auckland posed the following questions to her Year 5 class in 2018: 'What's happening here?' and 'What do you notice?' and her students recorded their ideas.

Student example 2

A big thank you to Carli Ramsey from Parkside School in Adelaide for sharing this example on our Facebook page.

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