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The Poetry Book


Definitions of poem types and literary devices


Developing phonological awareness using poems and songs to sing songbook’ by Linda Adamson Songs by Tessa Rose Poem cards



Exemplar poems Michael Rosen reads his poem Chocolate cake.  Calligram/shape poems  Concrete poems  Poets share their poems  A range of poems Short video about the history of spoken word poetry   Lots of poems and ideas by Australian poet Alan Wright   Poems that could engage boys


Oral language resources


Tongue twisters



Resources to teach alliteration Daniel Radcliffe raps Alphabet aerobics Daniel Radcliffe raps Alphabet aerobics with lyrics. What is alliteration? by Melissa Alliteration song by Melissa Alliteration by Worsley


Books with alliteration Doctor Seuss – ABC


Resources to teach onomatopoeia  Song to teach onomatopoeia


Resources to teach rhyme Doctor Seuss – Fox in socks


Websites to generate rhyming words


Resources to teach morphology  Online etymology dictionary


Resources to teach punctuation Victor Borge, phonetic punctuation  Kung fu punctuation


Resources to teach syllables syllable counter


Dictionary and thesauri resources Student friendly dictionary with synonyms, pronunciation, example sentences etc. Online thesaurus which includes synonyms, antonyms and activities Collins online thesaurus - includes definitions and pronunciation


Visual Thesauri


Poetry games Make your own magnetic poetry  Hunt for the Wilderpeople movie – haiku   A range of different haiku poem examples   The Literacy Place - link to buy question dice and detail dice  ‘This is not a stick’ read aloud by Antionette Portis



Steven Adams basketball highlights video


Ash Barty — a summary of her career with tennis highlights at 3.25


Noun phrases,before%20or%20after%20the%20noun.&text=(This%20is%20a%20noun%20phrase%20headed%20by%20a%20pronoun



Publishing ideas  Word cloud creator


Spoken word poetry resources  What is a poetry slam?,school%20through%20to%20secondary%20schools  Spoken word guidelines by Action Education Short video about the history of spoken word poetry


Sharing ideas Read your poem in a funny voice  Sharing platform for parents

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