In The Reading Book we promote the idea of using a range of texts for shared reading, including digital texts.

Here are some great visual texts that could be used for shared reading with middle and senior students:

  • Octopuses are absolutely bizarre!
  • 'Baby elephants are extremely clumsy
  • Hakai Wild: Scallops' and the BBC eath video
  • When you’re a bear cub, being scared of heights is a tad inconvenient!
  • We should be as resourceful as this clever fish.

Students could watch these videos and try to recall interesting facts. On second viewing, they could take notes and then compare their notes in small groups. The video or part of the video would also be a great motivation for writing.

The RNZ digital article '"The cutest sheep in the world" turns heads in Christchurch' can also be used for shared reading with middle and senior students.




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