Name selector tools!/id383718755?mt=8  This app allows teachers to enter additional information about students’ ability and gender and then generate a mixture of groupings for different activities.  This paid classroom app has lots of management and sharing features, including a ‘group maker’.


Chapter 3


Vocabulary game sites Fun interactive site with engaging games such as ‘word in a word’. This is a multi-choice vocab site and students collect grains of rice for correct answers. The rice is donated to the World Food Programme.

Dictionaries and Thesauri resources Good general dictionary with simple explanations of words. Simple dictionary with synonyms, pronunciation, example sentences etc.

Visual Thesauri

Picture dictionary for maths Visual images  to describe  mathematical terms.

Word activities

Word puzzles

Calligram video Word as image – inspire


Chapter 4


Drama websites David Farmer’s website. This site offers a selection of drama activities. This site includes a selection of drama activities.

Story-making and creating websites and apps  This Scholastic story selector web based resource, can be used for creating story ideas for drama. This plot generator site could be used to create plots for drama. More ideas for plots. This site has a range of ideas for writing, which could be used for drama, for example, a first line. Students could create or read stories on this site and use them for drama activities. Puppet pals  Explain everything  Book creator  This website has a section on fables and traditional stories, many of which have cut-out puppets that students could use to retell a story.



Chapter 5


Barrier Games Fantastic free barrier game site. Information gap activities using song lyrics. Free robot barrier games.

Other Listening Websites  New Zealand audio books. Developing listening skills using songs with actions.


Chapter 6 Excellent support and examples of debates, as well as activities that develop debating and oral language in the classroom.




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Includes: a timeline at two levels and an exemplar

Focus: retelling the main events in a story

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