Here are some images showcasing how teachers have organised their writing resources.

Thanks to Sophie O'Rourke and Sarah and Jane from Bayfield for sharing their ideas. Refer to image, Organization - Tip 1.

Katrina Slade-Ferguson from Deebing Heights State School in Queensland sent us a message in 2017, saying: 'Writing has never been more differentiated, explicit, engaging and organized in my classroom since purchasing your stamps at a recent PD. A friend made us these handy aprons to carry all our stamping goodness! We are quick to pop out whatever stamp we need during our writing workarounds and conferences.'
We love the aprons – such a fantastic idea. Refer to image, Organisation - Tip 2.

In 2014, we saw how Jena Davidson from Swannanoa School had attached laminated copies of some of the student resources from The Witing Book with velcro to the back wall, and also in display boxes. Her students loved helping themselves to the various resources when they need them - Top 3a and 3b.


 Check out The Writing Book for more ideas for organisation.

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