Kindness calendar

Students can create a kindness calendar by writing 'acts of kindness', which they could perform at home over the Advent season. Thanks to Dianne Khan for sharing the Kiwi Christmas Kindness Calendar with us. Click on the link to view the example she sent us.

Reverse Advent calendar

This is an excellent idea for a Christmas class project. Students can collect food items or find toys and books in good condition that they no longer use to put in an Advent box. Click on the link for more information. Students could wrap and label (age and gender) their gifts and include handwritten Christmas poems or cards.

The supporting act

This BBC Christmas video can be used to generate some great discussion and could also be used as motivation for writing.

Summer wonderland

Here's a hilarious video from Air New Zealand that offers a southern hemisphere interpretation of Christmas. Could your students adapt another Christmas song?

1914 Christmas

This is a very thought-provoking advertisement. It was inspired by the story of the 1914 Christmas truce. Some writing ideas:

  • first-person recount from the main character's point of view
  • explain why the truce was a good option during the war
  • write a letter home about the truce
  • persuade other soldiers at war to have a Christmas truce
  • describe a scene.


Images by Pixabay.


 Check out the writing ideas in our End of year resource pack.



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