A Six-sentence story is a Quick Write activity that could be used to support students to generate ideas, words and sentences. This Quick Write activity could also be used to revise the features of the narrative text type. Refer to page 126 of The Writing Book for more information.

Here are some great six-sentence story examples and a video that could be used as motivation for writing a six-sentence story:

The Pants and Captain Fish-hook

Alison Hicks and Carmen Guigni supported a group of Year 1 students at Arawang School in Canberra to write and publish Six-sentence stories. They used the book The Legend of the Golden Snail by Graeme Base as motivation. Captain Fish-hook was created by a Year 2 student.

Kung fu mantis vs jumping spider

A big thank you to James Keen from Takitumu School in Rarotonga for sharing this video clip on our Facebook page. 


Images by Pixabay.


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